PSI-SPIN - Move me Round - o - Round

Read the Precautionary Measures, Rules and Instructions carefully


PSI-SPIN - Move me Round - o - Round

  • Adult Supervision is Mandatory: Keep your Child within your Sight

  • Minimum Requirements: If you Love to Go Round and Round, without falling around, take this ride. Kindly have an attendant if you have a toddler and yes, Adults can take this ride as well – rejoicing memories

  • Relax & Play with No Worries: Please Keep your loose items and personal stuff at the entrance or with the Guardian (Non-Rider) to keep your valuables safe

  • Selfies Allowed but with No Falling Around: Advised to have the moments captured by a Non-Rider

  • Stay Healthy & Hydrated: Kindly sanitize your hands before & after playing, wear socks to avoid germs and keep hydrated by taking time off for Drinks. No food or drinks allowed in the Play Area

  • Be Equipment Friendly: Please avoid climbing on the nets inside or outside of the equipment; they are there for your own safety

  • Smoking Kills! : Smoking Inside the Play Arium or anywhere in the Onederland Premises is Strictly Prohibited

  • Our Rules Your Responsibility: Please read all signs for each individual activity carefully to avoid accidents or injuries. We are not responsible for any accidents which may occur as a result of not following these rules