Read the Precautionary Measures, Rules and Instructions carefully



  • Adult Supervision is Mandatory: Keep your Child within your Sight
  • Check First: Climbing is permitted only when an indoor climbing wall supervisor is at the area.  Proper shoes are important for climbing safety so that you don’t slip. Sandals, flip flops, and dress shoes are just some of the inappropriate forms of footwear for climbing. Shoes should fit well and have good grips to avoid slipping
  • We all are Not Superman: Avoid climbing higher than you are supposed to. Putting on a harness correctly is one of the most important aspects of climbing safety. If a harness is not worn correctly it can fail to support a falling climber. Let the supervisor ensure the safety harness is properly intact
  • Watch experienced climbers: Watching experienced climbers will help you improve your own technique and learn safe climbing techniques
  • Relax & Play with No Worries: Please Keep your loose items and personal stuff at the entrance or with the Guardian (Non-Rider) to keep your valuables safe
  • Avoid Selfies: Advised to have the moments captured by a Non-Rider
  • Stay Healthy & Hydrated: Kindly sanitize your hands before & after playing, wear socks to avoid germs and keep hydrated by taking time off for Drinks. No food or drinks allowed in the Play Area
  • We reserve the right to limit the number of people in the climbing area & restrict climbing time on the wall
  • Smoking Kills! : Smoking Inside the Play Arium or anywhere in the Onederland Premises is Strictly Prohibited
  • Our Rules Your Responsibility: Please read all signs for each individual activity carefully to avoid accidents or injuries. We are not responsible for any accidents which may occur as a result of not following these rules.