Welcome to the future entertainment


On the second floor of LuckyOne mall, you can hear rides churning, laughter echoing and people screaming!
This is where you’ll find Onederland, the One-Stop Family Entertainment destination. By emerging as the ‘Future of Entertainment’ in Pakistan, we bring a fun-filled experience in a thrilling environment for kids, teens and tweens!
Age is only a number when it comes to having fun! Onederland, a family-friendly hangout place, is an escape from all worldly affairs. By integrating themed attractions with the design language, Onederland provides a spatial experience that is unique and out of the ordinary.
Onederland is installed with modern architecture and technologically advanced Indoor attractions, Rides and Amusement Arcade games from Award Winning Internationally acclaimed manufacturers. Since safety is the number one priority, Onederland ensures regular maintenance of all attractions. Being a member of IAAPA, Onederland ensures through regular summits and seminars that it is always up-to-date with industry practices.
With a wide variety of attractions available, customers can wander into the future of entertainment. Onederland provides the perfect blend of arcade gaming to adrenline rush. By spreading attractions on two levels, it caters to various age-groups. Onederland also plans and hosts birthday parties while providing access to your favourite rides to complete the celebration.

Don’t think, it is time to visit Onederland today where Screams of Happiness awaits you.



Onederland will become the premiere family entertainment destination with a the franchise model  providing a world-class entertainment experience for family members of all ages through a consistent delivery of superior guest relations, an enticing atmosphere, fun, socially interactive attraction elements, and quality value for money offerings.



To be the leading producers & providers of world class entertainment using our unique Oneder abilities to differentiate our offers, services and content. We seek to develop the most creative and innovative entertainment experiences with an aim to be recognized as the IAAPA’s (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) best indoor entertainment facility in the country.



Attitudes and beliefs that uniquely pattern our corporate culture:

  • We are in the business to make lives better and happier - those of our neighbors, our guests, and our employees, and none at the expense of another

  • Safety is our primary concern in every facet of the execution of our services

  • Quality of service is our second most important concern; if we cannot do it with excellence, then it will not be a part of our business

  • We place a very high value on the family and family values, and we endeavor to support them by making all efforts possible

  • Recognizing the inseparable link between family and community, we are active in seeking out and supporting community events and providing resources in support of local groups, teams, associations, and organizations with the aim of synergistically improving our community and our business

  • It is important that all employees understand integrity and the business, regardless of their role within it. Each employee understands how their role contributes to making their lives of our guests better and onederful each day

  • We are committed to making the lives of our employees better, not only at our place of business, but at home, at school, at work, and at future jobs and careers.