Park Rules and Guidelines

Please read the following Rules and Guidelines when visiting Onederland!


Onederland Attraction Access Policy reflects those in place commonly

throughout the world. While we strive to make our attractions as universally accessible as

possible, we have a duty to enforce a number of restrictions to ensure the safety of our Guests and Host team members.

As a responsible operator of theme parks, safety remains our number one priority.


Detailed below are the general restrictions which apply to all attractions, but Guests must be aware that access to individual attractions is also subject to additional restrictions. We also strongly recommend that Guests watch any attraction in operation before making the decision on whether they wish to ride.

Our attractions are not suitable for:

   Guests who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

   Guests who are in a poor state of health.

   Pregnant women.

   Guests who have a medical history of heart, back or neck problems including cardiovascular problems or high blood pressure.

   Guests who have recently undergone surgery or who have been recently unwell which may be aggravated by the motion of the ride or attraction.

   Children who are unable to walk and sit upright unaided. It is not permitted for babies to be held in the arms of other riders.


Onederland Guests with Disabilities policy reflects those in place commonly throughout the world. A person with a disability is defined as someone with a physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional or developmental impairment which substantially limits at least one of their major life activities.

Guests with disabilities are welcomed to the park and we endeavor to ensure that they can enjoy the park and rides as much as other guests do, but our attractions have certain barriers that make it difficult for them to use our rides.

It is our goal to make the park as hindrance free as possible, but sometimes assistance may be required and at other times disabled guests will not be permitted to ride.

At Onederland the below restrictions apply as a general rule to all of our rides and attractions.

Note that certain attractions have additional restrictions which are detailed at each ride and attraction which can be found on our website or picked up from Reception Counter of Onederland.